Saturday, January 16, 2021

I Have No Regrets ft. Jonathan Bowden & Enoch Powell

Stupidity of face masks..... @King of UK - Joseph Gregory Hallett .. "Wearing a mask is identifying you as one of the 95% to be killed, because you're identified as stupid and not reacting to save your own life... wearing a mask is dressing the same as the pedophiles dress .. so that the pedophiles feel at home." - Greg Hallett, King John III

From "The Eganville Reader" on Facebook..

 Facebook page... near Ottawa Ontario Canada..

Douglas native Miranda Crogie, who left the family farm two years ago to become part of a seven-person radiology team in the front lines during a global pandemic, is now one of one of the first health care workers to receive the first of two doses of the Pfizer vaccine developed to provide her immunity to the dangerous COVID virus. Read about her journey in the Leader this week.

Wendy writes in the commentary section:

Wendy McLaren There’s not enough information on these vaccines, or the side effects of them. I’m hesitant about getting it !

Wendy is using her critical thinking skills... well done Wendy!

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Tantramar Landowners ..: Hamilton / Halton Landowners Association Don Johns...: Found this 10/20/20 message on Facebook from Don Johnson President. ​ Reproduced @ Tantramar Lando...

Tantramar Landowners ..: Mamas Helping Mamas... Local Good Will Efforts..

Tantramar Landowners ..: Mamas Helping Mamas... Local Good Will Efforts..:   Mamas Helping Mamas... About Mamas Helping Mamas is a local non profit organization locate...

Friday, January 15, 2021

What's coming up later this month with Greg Hallett's Kingship claim?


Commentary on Facebook page:

Bassie Thoreau We have until the 19th January 2021 - for this - King John's concession of the Kingdom to the Pope -1213 AD to be fully acknowledged as fraud. This instrument was created in 1234 AD but not made public until 1862- ( 628 years later ) Joseph Gregory Hallett becomes the Sovereign Monarch of Kingdoms...Vicar of Christ....Pontifex Maximus ..the silent Emperor of Europe ...and elevated to Christ and King. He is also the King of Israel. He has full rights to the CROWN or can appoint another to occupy this role as Joseph Gregory HALLETT now owns all the European Union property including the Hellenic republic and Monaco ....the Catholic Church is no more as the Vatican and City of London , these assets now belong to him.


Updates at youtube "KingofUK"

Additional information:

ʻKing Johnʼs Concession of the Kingdom to the Pope 1213 ADʼ was a pious fraud, manufactured in 1234 and backdated to 1213 in an early attempt by the Catholic Church to steal England and Ireland. This was immediately followed by the theft of the physical English Crown. Both acts are being repeated right now with the European Union stealing the UK and the UK Crown. Fortunately Joseph Gregory Hallett reclaimed the UK just in time, and is now the owner of the UK and Europe, as well as all UK Government, and was given the Crown prior to the imaginary UK Government stealing an imaginary crown and giving it to an imaginary EU, without the people’s consent.



Replying to
The Lockdown is grounded in false public health narrative, poor planning & bad data. While Doug only cares about re-election, Lockdowns are killing more than saving. I couldn't watch the suffering anymore. I hope I encouraged other professionals to speak out. #onpoli

Thursday, January 14, 2021


PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION - ALL LINKS VIDEO BACKED UP - MY VIDEO'S - ENTIRE DOWNLOADABLE FOLDER ON MEGA - UN Refugee Application | Brendon Lee O'Connell - 100MB PDF file!x6hDWYaR!GOaK-TCZBF... RATS IN THE RANKS - PLAYLIST - "PSYCHE WARFARE & INTERNET HERO'S" The SOLARWIND hacks continue to reverberate as the United States - and the planet - is prepared for war with China, or, the "appearance of a war" and accompanying Covid Like shutdowns based on "cyber attacks". Just like before the 911 attacks, "Muslim terrorism" and Osama Bin Laden was pushed night and day - now cyber terrorism and a deadly virus is pushed night and day. The narrative is set in motion. A wealth of experts attend the internet. Catherine Austin Fitts “stars” in a new, badly made doco on current events. A former “insider”, Wall Street finance and Bush JNR administration operative, she NEVER names the culprits. To her, it is a “mystery” and she uses the term “Mr Globalist” to make sure you never learn who runs the show either. She talks a good talk on the JEDI Pentagon Cloud Contract then fails to tell you Microsoft Israel has the contract, a hostile foreign power in bed with Russia and China – if we don’t name it, we can’t fight it. The video gets 2.5 million views before being taken down for “violating You Tubes Terms Of Service”. No doubt the makers will scream “poisecution” at being actively promoted by Army Intelligence DARPA You Tube, to the tune of 2.5 million views in two weeks. Like the Lizard Theorist David Icke, BANNED from online, but actively promoted world wide by every news agency known to man – tens of millions in worldwide publicity you could never buy. The same technique is used to push Alex Jones, the sworn enemy of the never named “globalist” elite who swear they will take him down as he turns over millions of dollars a month and buys his investment properties and travels first class everywhere. His travel now is on private jets with Deep State Operator Roger Stone. Stone is a longtime employee of Dynology and General Jim Jones, Marine Psychological Warfare. The Clown Show remains blind, deaf, and most certainly dumb. All the real organic commentators are gone. Chased offline. Shut down like a small business in America, while Wal Mart and 711’s take over. Israel is at the heart of the subversion of the United States. They have been named 100 times by top level people including Col. Larry Wilkerson, 2IC to General Colin Powel, former CIA Phil Giraldi and a host of others. But the DARPA promoted Wal Marts of the alt media “Fitts” will not say it – but they get 2.5 million views and accolades by the clueless online clown show and the thousands of private army intelligence operatives who promote them. 6. COVID KILL SWITCH | ISRAEL & MICROSOFT, HOW THEY SUBVERT AMERICA 7. COVID KILL SWITCH | ISRAEL & UNIT 8200 TAKE OVER NEW YORK & PENTAGON 8. COVID KILL SWITCH | A FEW GOOD JEWS - DEM PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFULS AMBUSHED ON THE STREETS...ISRAEL Intel falls on report Microsoft plans to design own chips for PCs and servers Lifting Self-Imposed Restrictions on the U.S.-Taiwan Relationship BRENDON O'CONNELL BRIGHTEON CHANNEL BRENDON O'CONNELL RUMBLE CHANNEL BTC - 1FXTuR8vPYAkwVuTr15p86ZwEUmkpVLdq7 BCH - qqhnn9pts9hdrzm2n8vvf5mvnee7nw2gw5neugv89n ETH - 0x076C06ba1fAbe73bcD5105027C1C7AA8a0F44dF7 LTC - LKhLQECrB5Kf6gPWcAxhxyb6Pu2ih18KaQ Acc Name: Brendon L. OConnell Bank: St George Bank, Perth, Central Business District Acc No: 055164731 BSB: 116879 SWIFF Code: SGBLAU2S BRIEFING DOCUMENT | ISRAELI HIGH TECH & ESPIONAGE Ironically typed up 300m from the Beirut blast site at RAMZI AIRB&B Link To Flyers

Many thanks "Work Work Work TNG" and GH and others on Patreon for your support. It wont last forever. I note the video Fitts is in was deleted...after almost 3 million views. Fitts can now - like Alex Jones and David icke cry she is highly suppressed - despite getting masses of shares. David Icke gets "banned" and the main stream media kindly tells everyone world wide this is the case. How nice of them - providing Icke and his private servers - which he can afford to run like Alex Jones with TENS OF MILLIONS in of charge. Alex Jones is the "sworn enemy" of Hillary - she names him....Jones is doing just fine with three investment properties, 4 muscle cars and a million dollars in BTC, gold, silver and a giant fish tank worth $50,000 plus all the first class travel which has now turned into private jets with Roger Stone. Roger Stone has worked with Army/Marine Intelligence Dynology General Jim Jones and variations there of for over 12 years. They are dividing the country and creating separate echo chambers for Libtards and Tramptards while Israel, Russia and China run the tech out of the country and laugh. The sheep are congenitally stupid.

The Post-Trump American Era Begins.. or does it?


What's happening in Washington DC?
A large military presence on the streets... and...

To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.