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Letter to Your Majesty the Queen from Greg Hallett - 8 March 2007 - "Stalin's British Training" book

Preface - Greg Hallett and Spymaster (  <<----- at this link 

No longer available on the Amazon Canada link eh? Imagine that... more censorship, again.. more suppression.  Page Not Found (


Notice has been duly given by Greg Hallett in 2007... from the book "Stalin's British Training, Breeding Concubines, Paedophiles at War" as follows:

"8 March 2007

Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

Dear Your Majesty the Queen,

Its worse than we thought.

Official British History is bunkum.  The Reverends, Bishops, and Boy Scouts sent out to the colonies turned out to be army colonels who colonised through paedophilia, torture and arms.

The war heroes you most honoured turned out to be homosexual, child-sex, abusing necrophilliacs.  Your supposed enemies turned out to be your agents who removed your cousins in opposing monarchies.  Your prime ministers turned out to be your nephews and your bankers turned out to be your parents.

Your genealogy is illegitimate and the only consistent breeding line has been secret society spy bankers who used you to declare war whenever you were prepared.  Never has a double agent family, like your own, been so completely involved in treachery, and such expansive treachery.

From the close scrutiny of history, which is your
history, I have come to the conclusion that the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, Windsors, and Mountbattens are illegitimate treasonous double agent families who should be exiled from anything commoners call integrity.

You are the descendants of a long line of anarchists and in the correct light of history you have pirate status.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Hallett"

Keep Calm ... and let others know...

Laurentian Elite con-man grifter Maxime Bernier is larping around in N.B. right now.. he didn't appreciate me posting memes about Greg Hallett and his claim of Kingship so he blocked me on his Twitter.. not surprisingly, all politicians are quite happy to grift and shill for the Crown, as her agents and enrich themselves... they are ALL in service to themselves pimping out their friendly personas in the theatre we call Ottawa's parliament as corporation of Canada representatives of the people -- what a pile of horseshit that is... remember that, please.  The next time someone asks for a lockdown let's lock up the right people.

Travis Patron - Founder of the Canadian Nationalist Party spoke with Dave @ Toronto's CBC


At this point in time Travis is no longer the leader of the party...

"The Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP) is a political party operating in the federal jurisdiction of Canada. Our constituency advocates for a constitutional monarchy within Canada, governed domestically rather than through the British Crown.

We advocate for an ethnocentric Canada because we believe any political stance is rooted in identitarianism. That is, the unifying factor of a nation is understood to be a common tradition, lineage, and language.

This is a movement based on the principles of the Christian traditions inherent in the history of Canada"

June 18, 2019 - Federal Politics with Travis Patron founder/leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party
CNP New website:
Canadian Nationalist Party - CNP - mirrored video ..
Report from the funded Bernie Farber propaganda clan...

After the controversy of this video by Patron... it got the attention of the usual suspects...

"Beware the Parasitic Tribe" at this link:

Beware The Parasitic Tribe - Travis Patron (

more at this link:  Dave at Toronto's CBC spoke with Travis Patron...

Dialogue with CBC - Travis Patron Founded Canadian Nationalist Party (

"Prestige" and Mount Allison University's Culture of Submission to UN Agenda 2030

 At this link:

May 22, 2022 NWO/WEF/UN/WHO Agenda for Total Control Advancing (

Jordan Peterson's April 2022 Performance with the "Hoover Institute" on Youtube

 "The Importance of Being Ethical" on my channel now... at this link:

Canada's Jordan Peterson on "The Importance of Being Ethical" (

What Logic Are They Using To Push Face Muzzles on Children? What Science? Megan Mitton MLA - Useful Idiot


Clearly, there is a problem here with this woman?

A rather big problem.. and she is not the only one who does not understand the concept of freedom of choice for individuals.... is she?

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News with Views - New Owners ? Niki Raapana's Articles Removed From The Site ?

Niki Raapana with ACL Books Alaska on Facebook   ACL Books - Home | Facebook 

"Communitarianism ia a political system that seizes all property and people for the "good of the community." The theory is not part of the first two components of a dialectical conflict, it is the final solution to every conflict. It's neither capitalist nor communist. It's neither right nor left. It's always somewhere vaugely in the "middle," smugly posing an innovative solution to every two or more opposing ideologies. Communitarianism is the basis for every new science, law, theory, program, policy, war, and agenda that finds a purpose for balancing individual rights against the rights of the "global-to-local community." - Niki Raapana

Note that all the great "newswithviews" articles by Niki Raapana ... not thru their search engine?

Twitter Twitter account has been suspended. Instagram has gone "MAGA"... all very interesting.

News With Views – Where Reality Shatters Illusion

Still available however are Joan Veon's articles..

Joan Veon -- Queen Gives Marching Orders to the United Nations (

The site newswithviews promotes the newest shills on the block {Mel K and My Pillow} and Tom DeWeese, Trump....... all the usual suspects who don't talk about Amitai Etzioni and communitarianism. - Home | Facebook

Interesting to say the very least.... 'communitarianism is the elephant shitting in the living room'

The search engine at the newswithviews site doesn't connect to Niki Raapana's articles though

Niki Raapana's blogger: Living Outside The Dialectic (

Articles linked at her blogger to Newswithviews old site seem to work:

Niki Raapana -- The Cure for Communitarianism (

Flat Lie Royal "Wives" Kate and Meghan as Men ... Very Telling Images in the Transpocalyse

 At this link:

Edited photos imagine what the royals might look like as the opposite sex | Daily Mail Online

More from Mr E on Bitchute:

Transpocalypse Origins: Galli at the Gala (

Stan Barabas video "Q" Intent to Counter "What was in the Envelopes" May 2020


In this video May 22, 2020 Stan Barabas purports that JFK Jr. named his magazine "George" to tell the world who killed his father .... George H.W. Bush....... "Q" Intent to Counter "What was in the Envelopes?" (

Stan's video notes:

In this video I have organized some information showing how important the Envelopes at the George H.W. Bush Funeral were and how it was the start of major events to come, hence the current state of our world, and the ties to Q and the intent counter the Sil-ent Wa-r of W.W.3.

G.H.W.B Indictment Document:

Link to the articles of clips in the video:

Stan Barabas went on to do a panel with Chris Rice and Charlie Ward June 2021...

DigitalKnights Of The Roundtable: Greg Hallett & 17 - Charlie Ward, Bodhisattva Love, Rice Crypto (

132. General Flynn About To Expose Israel | Clinton & Kissinger Love Affair [ Brendon O'Connell]

History Timeline - King of UK - Greg Hallett - Monarchy - UK

 At this link:

History Timeline | All Predictions Fulfilled | Joseph Gregory Hallett

More here:  King John III Intel - Joseph Gregory Hallett - You Tube Video from July 21, 2015 (

Pierre and Liz and Spitting Gentle Rain - Performance Theatre in 1982

At this link:  Spitting Gentle Rain : Liz, 55 and Pierre, 62 Performance Theatre 1982 ( 

"Burnt Alive in Odessa" (2021) by Yana Yerlashova Bonanza Media

 At this link:  ‘Burnt Alive In Odessa’ (2021) by Yana Yerlashova (

Run time: 26 min
Directed by Yana Yerlashova
Production: Bonanza Media (2021)

On May 2, 2014, people from the Ukrainian port city of Odessa were forced into the Trade Unions House building by Nationalist militants, which was then set on fire, as militants and onlookers watched the occupants get burnt alive inside. Their crime: they dared to protest against the new nationalist junta government that came to power in Kiev following a violent coup d’├ętat and ‘Euro Maidan’ color revolution, backed by the United States, and supported by NATO and EU allies. Officially, 42 people were announced dead, including seven women and one child. To date, no one has been held responsible for this horrific massacre. Alexander, one of the few survivors, shares his memories of what really happened, and new battles he has to fight in the aftermath.

Patrick Henningsen's 21st Century Wire

 At this link:

INTERVIEW: Russian filmmaker Yana Yerlashova on latest Ukraine documentary - 21st Century Wire

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"Fight For You" by Five Times August - Live at Defeat The Mandates Los Angeles, California

Download/Stream "Fight For You" on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and more: Support Five Times August with artist tips/donation via PayPal.Me/BradleySkistimas or Venmo @fivetimesaugust Join the mailing list at "Fight For You" Lyrics: Through the madness and the lies As they’re holding back the truth No matter what they try I will always fight for you I will save your innocence They are trying to remove I am here at your defense And I will always fight for you Yes I will always fight for you I will stand here in the way And I will not give up on you I will shield you from the pain In the battle on the field There is evil on the move But I hope that you can feel That I will always fight for you In the darkness of the times There’s a light that shines the proof It’ll soon reveal the crimes So I won’t stop this fight for you Yes I will always fight for you I will brave every attack And I will not give up on you I will always have your back So to every single mother, father Stand up for your sons and daughters Do not back down, don’t let up You are all they have for armor So make this a war to win Look in their eyes and tell them That I will always fight for you I will stand guard at the gate And I will not give up on you I will stop each shot they take Yes, I will always fight for you I will always fight for you #fivetimesaugust #defeatthemandates

2000 Mules - Full Documentary

 Watch at this link:


King of UK - Episode 31 - The Reconstruction of the Subconscious of North America

 At this link:

Episode 31: ‘The Reconstruction of the Subconscious of North America’ (

Greg Hallett Livestreams on Twitter in 2020 - Deleted by Twitter with 21,000 Followers Shortly After This Video


Watch at this link:

King John III Intel ~ Barabas records Greg Hallett's ONLY Twitter Livestream Before 2020 Deletion (

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Cash Cow Zelenskyy


Prince Charles was Dethroned as Prince of Wales at a Dinner Party in 1996 - Greg Hallett

Thanks Trudy....

At this link:  Prince Charles was Dethroned as Prince of Wales at a dinner party in 1996 (Greg Hallett) ( 

More at Joseph Gregory Hallett's youtube channel "King of UK"  -  King of UK - YouTube

"America's Crown Prince" John F. Kennedy Jr. - Fatal Plane Crash July 1999 & George Magazine

Podcast has 12 episodes here from 2020:  Fatal Voyage: The Death of JFK Jr. on Apple Podcasts

Discussions varied about among other things politics, publishing George Magazine, the Kennedy curse, flight crash circumstances, education, a possible death threat sent to Joe Biden, his mother's influence, public life, various women in JFK Jr.'s life, and Carolyn's drug use and her infidelity with another man ... so much for their so-called storybook courtship, wedding and marriage.... 

More here in 2022:

John F. Kennedy Jr.'s Close Friends Speak Out About the Emotional Impact of QAnon Lies (

"Extremists are QAnon followers who believe JFK Jr. is still alive and working to take down the 'deep state' with Donald Trump and others." 

Talks to former Governor of Alabama George Corley Wallace Jr. (August 25, 1919 – September 13, 1998)  Who was the magazine named after? George Washington? George Wallace? George - the first husband of Queen Victoria? George H.W. Bush? George W. Bush? 

Alfred L. Webre's 001: Omniversityinfo: Introduction to Understanding the Chronogarchy


At this link:

001: Introduction to Understanding the Chronogarchy with Alfred Lambremont Webre (

More from Alfred at this link:

Planetary Reconciliation with Life - (

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QAnon Kabbalah Guru, Discovering the Jewish Jesus Messianic Conspiracy | Know More News LIVE w/ Adam Green

 At this link:

QAnon Kabbalah Guru, Discovering the Jewish Jesus Messianic Conspiracy | Know More News LIVE w/ Adam Green (

Be Wise.. Pay Heed to the Words of Greg Hallett - King John III


Greg Hallett's advice: "Wearing a mask is identifying you as one of the 95% to be killed because you're identified as stupid and not reacting to save your own life; and also wearing a mask is dressing the same as the paedophiles dress when they're raping children; you know what I'm saying? Its so that the paedophiles feel at home surrounded by people in masks." 
-- as told to Dave Mahoney in 2020