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3/4 People don't realize that universities in Cdn now routinely create job ads that specifically indicate whites cannot apply (e.g. ) And have courses & workshop teaching "whiteness is evil"

The Kalergi Plan - Full Documentary from Matthew North - Free Download At This Link

Sackville UN-censored : We Are The Common Law Court - Canada

Sackville UN-censored : We Are The Common Law Court - Canada:   YOU ARE THE COMMON LAW COURT – CANADA YOU ARE THE COMMON LAW COURT Our State systems of justice are failing the people because they protec...

Xurious ft. Hiraeth - Keep In Mind

Yes we want To be free live our lives As they should be Here's the thing While that's nice Every action Has a price We're meant to be much more than this And find the home which we all miss So it's time to grow up As we're ticking down the clock Forever keep in mind We're fighting for our kind To learn from those before Our future made secure We were made To survive To transcend Go forth and thrive Find the light Leave behind All the things That made us blind It's up to us to show the way To hold the torch up come what may We will do all we can 'Till time's not running through our hands Forever keep in mind We're fighting for our kind To learn from those before Our future made secure

Chris Evany, Tackled and Assault in Canadian Tire Store in British Columbia....

Carly Simon - Nobody Does It Better - The Spy Who Loved Me

Eustace Mullins - Murder by Injection


You cannot fix stupid......


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Brave New World vs Nineteen Eighty-Four featuring Adam Gopnik and Will Self

Restore Liability for Vaccines... with Paul Turner USA


August 11, 2019 to present
Keep in mind your shock at seeing this. With the ever-increasing vaccine schedule, this is becoming a not-so-rare event. If this is shocking to those of us who are "vaccine aware", think how the general public would feel. This is the basic, easy to verify facts about vaccines we need to be presenting to the public. This gives them that ah-ha moment. People often wonder why are they just finding this out and what else do they not know about vaccines. This opens them up for wanting to know more.

When the vaccine unaware public is presented with large number of vaccines on the CDC Childhood Schedule and how this means multiple injections into young bodies, there are dropped jaws and raised eyebrows instead of red faces and clenched fists. This approach does not cause the cognitive dissonance which Pharma/Tech has so diligently instilled in most peoples minds when we use almost any other approach concerning vaccines.

More and more people are taking to the streets and we need to be using the proper messages to both bring awareness to the public and to also keep the presenters safe. We have seen how carrying an Aborted Fetal Cells sign can draw the kind of attention we do not want. The general public is not ready for such information. This triggers cognitive dissonance as do most subjects concerning vaccines and it isn't at all necessary to even go there to get public awareness about vaccines.
Any and all input is welcome on how we can best present to and sway the general public.

The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) seems to be a sensitive issue. All the more reason to talk about it!
One vaccine for just one disease can have many antigens in it for different strains of a particular disease.
Each vaccine in the childhood vaccination schedule has between 1-69 antigens. A child who receives all the recommended vaccines in the 2018 childhood immunization schedule may be exposed to up to 320 antigens through vaccination by the age of 2.

Paul on Twitter:

Hitler was a British Agent: the Book by Greg Hallett and the Spymaster, 2005

ISBN 978-0473114787

This is the most comprehensive and honest Hitler Biography, offering a whole new and unique look at all the old chestnuts surrounding Adolf Hitler's rise to power. The author uses the personal assistance of a Spymaster in marshalling much new material surrounding Hitler's origins, his sexuality, and his British Training, long hidden by a conspiracy of British and American political leaders. He takes an in depth look at the British Royal Family and finds them wanting, full of spies, perverts, and morons, with the morons being the least dangerous.

He delves into the James Bond myths and finds the true James Bond was a lot younger and more homicidal than anyone had previously thought. He interview James Bond III on one of the last 'hits' on Adolf Hitler, well after his official death.

He also provides a new take on the mystery surrounding Rudolph Hess. An amazing thought-provoking study from the already detail history of Hess. State secrets abound on nearly every page.

Greg Hallett: I interviewed the KGB in Moscow in December 1989 at a point when they were open, due to lack of pay. At the time you could buy information for the price of a meal. This led to some psychological information being supplied which led to international contacts and meeting with a Spymaster. The Spymaster and other intelligence operatives have been briefing me for the past three years resulting in ten books. This is book five of ten (and just to confuse you) there are four books in this immediate series.

Hitler was a British Agent covers Hitler's incestuous parentage, his training in Britain, his sex with men, his bizarre sexual habits with women, including fake suicides and murders made to look like suicides. It delves into Hitler's psychiatric condition and how, during his missing year, he was manipulated by 'deconstruction' to perform as a British Agent, that is, an agent for the British war machine.

The book covers Hess and doppelgänger Hess' simultaneous flight to Britain, Anthony Blunt's conception by a royal, Wallis Simpson's sexual practises with King Edward VIII and how she leaked British secrets to Hitler.

Hitler was a British Agent covers Operation JAMES BOND to remove Martin Bormann out of Berlin and exposes for the first time Operation WINNIE THE POOH to remove Hitler out of Berlin. It reveals that the origins of the Cold War were in the hunt for the missing Hitler from 1 May 1945 and this became the excuse for surveillance in virtually every country in the world. Hitler was a British Agent leaves an air that everything that happens now, happens because of 1945.

In the 18 chapters it covers the masterful deceptions of war, the creation of war, the training of top level double agents, the repeated faking of their deaths and their escapes, making this book something of an illusion-buster with applications to the analysis of war now and formulas for the time in between wars. The book explains how the 'real' history applies to the 'real' present.

Many intelligence officers were interviewed in writing this book and they have given the low-down on what really happened in the many wars from 1936. In some cases, they, or their fathers, were the main players in the vignettes. These personal histories date back to the Spanish Civil War with George Orwell and redefine the origins of Animal Farm.

Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace : 1958 (Full)

Hiding our faces is causing harm! video from Paul Turner

Twitter & Facebook with Paul Turner

Sallie Elkordy and Paul Turner final interview in 2020... Sallie passed away November 22, 2020.

Thanks Paul... meme maker and advocate for health, wellness and truth.

Sallie Elkordy 1960-2020 - "My purpose is to raise cheer." rip peace-loving health & wellness warrior for humanity

video from Paul Turner on youtube posted November 24, 2020....

Sallie O Elkordy died at home, unexpectedly on Sunday, November 22, 2020 ++++++++++++++ Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC ++++++++++++++ Sallie Elkordy ++++++++++++++ Sallie Elkordy - “This is my purpose. My purpose is to raise cheer” ++++++++++++++ Last Radio Show she and I did together https://www.republicbroadcastingarchi... ---------------- Sallie truly had a mission to raise awareness!

Surveilled and alerted for sociopathic distancing at Amazon

PCR Test Is The Greatest Villian - Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

Microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi gives a short explanation for how the PCR test is being used nowadays.

Lockdowns Are Very Costly

"People are losing their jobs, they're committing suicide....\
I've said it often...The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself." - Donald J. Trump

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O come, O come, Emmanuel - (Piano/Cello) - The Piano Guys

A Message from Immortal Technique - October 1st 2019

About to jump on tour from October 17th - November 30th performing new unreleased music. It’s gonna be great to see all of you again after a couple of years. We are shooting the first video EVER and we want you guys to be a part of it. So if you have ever taken video/photos of me or with me, please send them to and please leave your social media handle or the name you would like credited. I appreciate you guys over the years more than you know. I always hear from people how they were in a bad place and hearing me helped them. But I’ve been in a bad place before and rocking shows for you guys and meeting the supporters really lifted me up. I love you guys. Thank you for the support. See you guys all over the nation in a few weeks!

The Point of No Return | Immortal Technique

Collective Evolution Joe speaks with Take Back Your Power Josh - March 25, 2020 must-share Interview


March 25, 2020 interview with Josh is excellent... he specifically talks about the 'technocratic, communitarian agenda and noahide laws'...epic.

Joe's website @

Who Rules Over You? Who Do You Serve?


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This man was buried in the largest funeral in Israel's history so it's not like he's some fringe lunatic jew.