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God Bless Field McConnell..

God Bless Field McConnell...

God Bless Field McConnell - Probation Hearing - Probation Now Terminated (

Episode 16 with Field McConnell and Greg Hallett [ King John III Bitchute Channel ] "Ding Dong The Queen is Fingered by Kristine Marcy 27 May 2019" ..
Details and Links to Field McConnell's Probation Hearing:


Joseph Hallett (Bristol) - Do specifications lead to securely stored passwords?

Where to Stay for Holidays in Devon UK? Kristie Allsop's Lovely Big Cottage "Meadowgate"

 Many people know and love Kirstie from the show "Location Location Location" with Phil Spencer since the early 2000s... its a big success in the UK - the episodes feature them helping people find their dream homes in the real estate market.

I recommend watching these episodes at Youtube.

Here's one... they're a very entertaining duo..

One of the Smallest Searches Phil Has Ever Done | Location Location Location | All Homes - YouTube

Born 1971, Kirstie is a mother of two sons...

she explains how she lost 2 stones [28 lbs] after gaining weight between 40-44 yrs old... at this article with HELLO! Magazine:

Kirstie Allsopp: the truth behind Keep Crafting and Carry On star's amazing two-stone weight loss | HELLO! (

Here's Kirstie's lovely cottage rental "Meadowgate"

Meadowgate, Holiday Cottage Description - Classic Cottages

Lotus - Bloom & Recede - Full Album Premiere

King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett - All Predictions Fulfilled Timeline

 King John III ...

All Predictions Fulfilled Timeline...

All Predictions Fulfilled Timeline - King John The Third

Trump in America


Book 13 How to become the Pope and own the World - Book 13 of 13 Book Series - Joseph Gregory Hallett

At this link:

Book 13 How to become the Pope and own the World - King John The Third 

This is a downloadable book in pdf format, not a physical book.

From 1539 the Jesuits inverted Jesus’ teachings and called themselves the ‘Society of Jesus’. Jesuits became a secret Zombie Land Grab Military Order & Protection Racket for total land ownership of the world, and control of all Sovereignty.
Jesuits emigrated into dozens of countries with their instruction manual – ‘The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits’. Their Argot terms are translated within for clarity.
Jesuits demanded blind obedience from members, targeted Widows, sent inheriting sons to far-off Jesuit Universities, then stole all the Widow’s property and discarded them as ‘Old Mother Hubbard … Who Lived in a Shoe’.
Jesuits took over the Papacy to take over the World, then stole the Throne and Crown of Scotland by ensuring King James VI of Scotland ~ James I of Brittaine was an illegitimate Jesuit Servant who was never crowned. All the Stuart Monarchs were illegitimate from 1566, and Jesuit from 1583–1688.
Jesuits habilitated false Charters, Cartularies, History, Laws & Pancartes into British Libraries and The National Archives to become the centre of Blacklisting against true English Royalty.
Jesuits then coadjutored the Police to create Catch & Release criminals who bear false witness against colleagues, friends and relatives … especially those fulfilling the Prophecy.

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TRUDEAU [BC] PROGRAMS, TRUMP'S [GPT] TRAP - David Hawkins with Christopher James



Follow David at his Podbean episodes to keep up to date... he was blacklisted in the 90s... like Greg Hallett...

Zelenskyy Is A Rotary Club Brother

Magna Carta Frauds King John’s Concession to the Pope

British Frauds on England’s History Magna Carta Frauds King John’s Concession to the Pope Charter of Liberties & Magna Carta Explained & Disclaimed Book 10 of 13 Book Series Direct link to buy ebooks Produced by ~ Darral aka Funkstar & Joseph Gregory Hallett Research and Narration ~ Joseph Gregory Hallett Audio-Video editing & Graphics ~ Darral aka Funkstar Official website to download ebooks and documents ~ Official Facebook Group, the only one ~ PayPal Donations ~

Holly Doan on Elections Canada "First Ever Electronic Voting Lists"


Holly Doan on Twitter: ".@ElectionsCan_E this year will introduce first-ever electronic voting lists. Chief Electoral Officer also says he intends to store more information on foreign servers. #cdnpoli" / Twitter

Paul Schreyer: Pandemic simulation games – Preparation for a new era?

" abolishing liberties in the new world order "

Monday, March 20, 2023

David Hawkins Podcasting on Podbean Episodes 57, 58, 59, and 60

Find David on Twitter: on Twitter: "We help Musk tie Trudeau's unmarked graves and Huawei's ChildBase bots to Dominion fraud on Trump and GPT Chat by Gates! #MuskHawkinsFightforTruth offers our generative-program-tracking and AR-data system—WO1991006051A1—to detect and punish CSI manipulation by GPT impersonation." / Twitter

Latest Podbean Episodes Here:

Ep 57 Trudeau’s GG Dominion Games, GPT ChildBase Hits | ReverseCSI podcast (

 Ep 58 Trudeau’s Dominion GG Program, China’s GPT ChildBase Graves | ReverseCSI podcast (

Ep 59 Trudeau’s Trap of Trump, Dominion’s Fraud of Fox | ReverseCSI podcast (

Ep 60 Trudeau GPT Family Program, Trump Framed For Jan. 6 | ReverseCSI podcast (

Shawn Paul Melville exposes the corruption of the deep state with Maxime Bernier and friends...

 Since I've been promoting him and his "Civilian Intelligence Network" website - which is Shawn Paul Melville's website and its has been under attack... he was censored from Youtube and Twitter...

Article here:

Johanne Mennie: Deep Mysteries – Deep State – Civilian Intelligence Network

Indie Media Eastcoast on Twitter: "@Babylon_Beaver Missing that PPC Purge guy Shawn Paul Melville on here.. the cult is still strong for Maximus the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing." / Twitter

Winter Tantramarshing... Pink Sun Rise in Tantramarshire


Tantramarshire: Systemic Discrimination... What is Ottawa Doing? R...

Tantramarshire: Systemic Discrimination... What is Ottawa Doing? R...:  Local blogger weighs in.... thanks Bambi... for being willing to discuss these topics with us: "Systemic discrimination: Had the Leban...

Sackville U.N.-censored: Weirder and Weirder ... That's How The Thespians R...

Sackville U.N.-censored: Weirder and Weirder ... That's How The Thespians R...:   Clown World has many actors and useful idiots: New play about weathering COVID-19 premieres in Sackville marking pandemic’s 3rd anniversar...

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“There’s no emergency” – dissident climatologist Dr Judith Curry on climate change

There are particular fields in which those that stray from the official narrative are instantly shunned as dissidents. Climate change is one of these. Dr Judith Curry, Professor Emeritus and former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has become known as one of the outspoken scientists who doubt the “scientific consensus” on climate change. As a result, she was “academically, pretty much finished off” and “essentially unhirable”. However, this didn’t slow down the bold climatologist. BizNews spoke to Curry about her views on climate change and the impact that human beings have had on the planet. A delightfully fascinating discussion ensued in which Curry explained her objection to the “manufactured consensus of scientists at the request of policy makers” and how far reality really is from the grim picture painted by environmental activists. Curry made sense of recent extreme weather events and indicated that “Earth has survived far bigger insults than what human beings are doing”. An eye-opening interview.

Dr Judith Curry is not interested in the pseudo science that people can control climate with net zero. Media, alarmists, and political attention has shifted to extreme weather events; but these are only natural events; complicated by people with agendas.

Sackville U.N.-censored: Magna Carta Frauds King John’s Concession to the P...

Sackville U.N.-censored: Magna Carta Frauds King John’s Concession to the P...: Magna Carta Frauds King John’s Concession to the Pope - YouTube British Frauds on England’s History Magna Carta Frauds King John’s Concessio...

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Who is Ches Crosbie? National Citizens Inquiry guy? CIC Board of Directors.... Pierre Poilievre fanboy


More here:

Tantramarshire: "Citizens Inquiry Canada" [CIC] and their National Citizen's Inquiry Panels Across Canada are Gatekeepers.... "Not For Profit" Collecting Donations (

Citizens Inquiry Canada (CIC) is the non-profit corporation that provides the legal

 framework for the National Citizens’ Inquiry initiative.

Where the Commissioners ensure that the NCI is conducted according to the highest 

evidentiary standards, the CIC’s Board of Directors ensure that the NCI’s administration

 is carried out with rigorous financial and legal oversight.

The CIC’s Board of Directors ensure:

  • Funds received and disbursed are done so according to the required accounting and audit standards and practices;
  • Compliance with Canadian privacy legislation and other laws; and
  • Sound corporate governance and risk management.

CIC Board of Directors

Ches Crosbie KC is a long-time member of the bar of NL who has been entrusted by voters to represent them in leadership positions in the legislature. His volunteer activities include the Atlantic Charter Foundation, which commemorates the August 1941 meeting in Newfoundland waters of wartime leaders Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, who famously told the the free world, “We have nothing to fear except fear itself.”

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june 21, 2020 Video deleted by deleted by Youtube... More at official website . . King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett was born September 15, 1961 Kingship claimed in Common Law Court What is technocracy? See Patrick Wood's
Know the law yet? Niki and Nordica, ACL Books ..
Music: Sheryl Crow - A Change Will Do You Good / Strong Enough To Be My Man

More at this link:

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Are We Being Told the Truth About Climate Change? Dr. Patrick Moore

Writer Erica Butler would do well to read the late Dr. Tim Ball's books and listen to Dr. Patrick Moore...
then she might stand a chance of raising well adjusted children [they're not kids Erica, kids are baby goats]...... article by the feckless Mount Allison University's CHMA FM propaganda machine Erica here:   Can we explore our Earth and save it at the same time? - Atlantic Books

Hell, I'd even loan you my Dr. Tim Ball books Erica... and if you weren't such a twat for blocking me on Twitter you might just learn a thing or two from this older and wiser mother.

There are a lot of great reasons to educate yourself on the climate rather than listening to CBC and other journalists with an agenda... co2 being taxed is a money grab, and taxation is theft .. if anything Canada is a carbon sink and should charge other countries for all the carbon our countless trees absord.

I haven't read Dr. Patrick Moore's books yet but his latest one its on my list to order ...

A poster created for educational purposes for the many lost people like Les Hicks who left some very silly commentary about oxygen and co2 at this article recently by Bruce Wark, on climate grifter Sabine Dietz, Climatlantic:

Tantramarshire: "Citizens Inquiry Canada" [CIC] and their National...

Tantramarshire: "Citizens Inquiry Canada" [CIC] and their National...: "Citizens Inquiry Canada" and "National Citizen's Inquiry"... distraction media group soliciting donations from the ...

Amherst's Vonnie Allan RN Testimony at NCI - March 16, 2023 - Truro, Nova Scotia

Yusuf / Cat Stevens – Take The World Apart [Official Lyric Video]

‘King of a Land‘ album tracklisting:

1. Train on a Hill

2. King of a Land

3. Pagan Run

4. He is True

5. All Nights, All Days

6. Another Night in the Rain

7. Things.

8. Son of Mary

9. Highness

10. The Boy Who Knew How to Climb Walls

11. How Good it Feels

12. Take the World Apart

17th studio album "King of a Land" Cat Stevens

Small Town in Tantramar - Indie Media Eastcoast Photography - Affordable Sackville NB

Indie Media Eastcoast on Twitter: "Check out the beauty of life in a small town.. and the surround Tantramar lands ... stay for the aesthetics laugh at the university cult running the place. #affordable #sackvillenb #canada #scenic #historic #blahblahblah" / Twitter 

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ET sentient AI now terraforming Earth

At this video link:  ET sentient AI now terraforming Earth triggered by AntiChrist UK Crown during 1982 False Flag War - NewTube 

Ches Crosbie on National Citizen's Inquiry


Dear friends,
After stepping down from my position as Leader of the Official Opposition and Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, I have kept a low profile and refrained from speaking out on public issues. However, the importance of our democratic rights and freedoms has compelled me to break my silence.
I am writing to express my support for the National Citizen's Inquiry (NCI) into the federal and provincial governments' COVID-19 policies. The NCI is a citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative that aims to provide a comprehensive, transparent, and objective assessment of the appropriateness and efficacy of these policies.
As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the lives of Canadians. The interventions into our lives, families, businesses, and communities have had significant effects on our physical and mental health, civil liberties and fundamental freedoms, jobs and livelihoods, and overall social and economic well-being.
It is important that we have a fair and impartial inquiry into the responses and actions of our governments to the COVID-19 pandemic. The NCI provides an independent and citizen-led platform for Canadians to voice their experiences and opinions on this matter.
The NCI's purpose is to listen, to learn, and to recommend. It seeks to investigate what went right and what went wrong in our government's COVID-19 policies. Moreover, the NCI aims to provide recommendations on how we can better react to national crises in the future in a manner that balances the interests of all members of our society.
I urge all Canadians to participate in this important initiative and share their experiences and opinions with the NCI. Your input will help shape the recommendations that will be provided to our governments to ensure that we are better prepared for future crises.
Thank you for your attention and support.
Ches Crosbie
Learn more about the National Citizens Inquiry by visiting
Sign the petition to show your support for this independent inquiry.
The first hearing will be broadcast live on the NCI social media page National Citizens Inquiry starting tomorrow, March 16th, at 11am from Truro, Nova Scotia."

Sackville U.N.-censored: David Hawkins on Podbean Reverse CSI Episode 55

Sackville U.N.-censored: David Hawkins on Podbean Reverse CSI Episode 55: "  In Episode 55, I discuss Elon Musk's recent tweet which asks how a non-profit to which he donated ~$100M became a $30B market ca...

Where to Stay When Visiting in Beautiful Cornwall ? Penarwyn House


On Instagram... Tracey Mannell (@penarwynhouse) • Instagram photos and videos


Penarwyn House

Welcome to Penarwyn House, our beautifully restored Victorian home on the south coast of Cornwall.

At Penarwyn House, we have created three unique and individual, luxury one-bedroom apartments for holiday letting. Each apartment has been carefully decorated by interior designer Tracey Mannell. Furnished for couples, the Butler’s Loft, De Cressy Deco Apartment, and Queensbury Loft provide a relaxing space for a self-catering holiday in Cornwall.

The Secret Garden is a gorgeous walled garden which is reserved just for our guests to use. There you will find a swing seat and table and chairs for outdoor dining under the apple tree.

The house is perfectly located for touring this beautiful part of Cornwall. We’re also located only a mile from The Eden Project, 5 miles from the pretty harbour village of Fowey, 3 miles from the historic Charlestown, but also only a 30-minute drive to the North Coast beaches of Newquay and Perranporth.

We love welcoming guests to our home, and we look forward to meeting you.

Three Luxury Private Rental Suites for Holiday Stays Are Very Affordably Priced...

Details at the Website:  Luxury Holiday Apartments In Cornwall | Penarwyn House

Holiday At The Butler's Loft In Cornwall | Penarwyn House

De Cressy Deco Apartment - Penarwyn House

Queensbury Loft - Penarwyn House

A very special and beautiful home that is for sale.. 

Decorated by Tracey Mannell, well done...

Interior Designer | Cornwall | Tracey Mannell Interior Design

Tracey Mannell Interior Design - Interior Designers UK (

8 bedroom detached house for sale in Nr St Austell Bay | South Cornwall, PL24 (