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Vaxx Advocate Patty Quinn @ Mount Allison University - Indigenous Affairs Coordinator Tweets

 Likely Patty could use a good meal plan and exercise routine but that's none of my business.

Indigenous Engagement with Patty Vaxxer..

Indigenous engagement | Mount Allison (

Cozy Chattering Class in Sackville New Brunswick

its a real head scratcher to be honest..

the last people you want medical advice from are those in their comfy perches of academia..

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada : Chattering Class Love to Online Virtue Signal.. it seems to be their full time job...

which way this new religion will take people next is hard to predict... just noticing the clown world...

Notice how people are going straight to vaccination centres and testing centres and pharmacists... doctors are just a side show now... very interesting.
Drive-thru vaxx and testing... what a world...

The Jewish Origins of the Open Borders Movement...

Twitter archived tweet from google images...

 Just saying...

The Jewish Origins of the Open Borders Movement – The Occidental Observer

The Farmacy - Biggest Health Care Lies


Friday, October 22, 2021



#flat lie royal reporting this week.. - Joseph Gregory Hallett claims Kingship King John III
video from ITV news

Go ahead, underestimate me.. New Age New King ~ King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett

A rare bird.. Hallett has a lot of intel on a lot of 'truthers'.... counter-intelligence shills and agents...

Had Enough Yet?


Had enough of the vaxx tyrants in media, government, and 'health'care yet? 

How Many Jabbies Needed for Canadian Cattle Allowed to Travel Vaxxed & Carefree? #Endless Boosters (

King John III Intel.... Cat is out of the Bag  King John III always has solid pro-humanity advice for others if they'd listen.

More at this link on the royal fraud family aka flat lie royals... with King John III intel...

Stream King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett Ep. 23 with Caroline Stephens 2019 by Tantramar Landowners | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Alfred L. Webre acknowledges King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett

King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett has claimed Kingship Alfred's tweet Alfred is a warrior @

Alfred L. Webre: Matrix House of Cards is Collapsing: Positive Timeline is Emerging #EXOPOLITICS

 Alfred L. Webre: Matrix House of Cards is Collapsing: Positive Timeline is Emerging #EXOPOLITICS ( <<<---- watch the video at this link

Discussion panel with Alfred L. Webre, Patty Greer and Free Range Gail... September 22, 2021 mirrored video from youtube... Alfred L. Webre
Patty Greer Cropcircle Filmmaker
One commenter notes:
Captain Junayd Riyadh-Al-Hasnayn
4 weeks ago
Noctoria (Night time urination)
Drinking water at night how it helps
Noctoria and heart problems are related.
It is worth spending two minutes to take read the information below.
An American doctor tells us that Nocturia, heart problem and cerebral infarction are related. The most common symptom of middle-aged and elderly people is nocturia (waking up at night to urinate). Because of nocturnal urine, the elderly are afraid of drinking water before bedtime. They don't know that not drinking water before going to bed, getting up in the middle of the night to pee without drinking water is an important cause of early morning cerebral infarction in middle-aged and elderly people. In fact, nocturia is not a problem of bladder dysfunction. Nocturia is caused by the aging failure of the heart function in the elderly, and the inability of the right heart atrium to suck blood from the lower body. During the day, we are all in a standing position, The blood will flow down. If the heart is not good, the blood volume of the heart is insufficient, the pressure on the lower body will increase, so middle-aged and elderly people will have lower body edema during the day. When they lie down at night, the pressure on the lower body will be relieved and a lot of water accumulate in the tissues The water returns to the blood. If there is too much water, the kidneys will work hard to separate out the water and drain it to the bladder, causing nocturia. Therefore, it usually takes about three or four hours after lying down to sleep to get up and go to the toilet for the first time. After that, the water in the blood continues to increase. So after another 3 hours, they will have to go to the toilet again. Why is this an important cause of cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction? Because after two or three urinations, the water in the blood is greatly reduced. The body also continue to lose water through breathing. The blood then begins to become thick and sticky, and the heart rate slows down due to the low metabolism of the body during sleep. With thick blood and slow blood flow, the stenosis of the blood vessel is easily blocked... This is why the middle-aged and elderly people almost always have myocardial infarction or cerebral infarction at 5 or 6 in the morning. This situation will lead to death while asleep. The first thing to tell everyone is that nocturia is not a malfunction of the bladder, but a problem of aging heart. The second thing to tell everyone is that you must drink some warm water before going to bed, and you must drink some warm water after you wake up in the middle of the night to pee. Don't be afraid of nocturia, because not drinking water may take your life. The third thing is that you must exercise more in normal times to strengthen the function of the heart. The human body is not a machine. A machine will wear out when used frequently, but the human body will be the opposite. It will become stronger when used frequently. Do not eat unhealthy food, especially high starch and fried foods. If you like this article article, please forward it to your middle-aged and elderly friends

Updated: Indie Media Eastcoast Canada - Promoting New Age New Healthcare @ CLC.Healthcare

"Medical Innovation" [a sign to pay heed] on this $100 bill given to me on my last visit at my parents' home - my dear Dad in October 2017 pushed this into my hand as I was leaving for "gas money" - so tragic that within six months he was gone forever...  he was needlessly jabbed with flu shots annually for the last five years of his life by his clueless M.D... and then finally, he was brutally erased by the 'health' care cabbal death cult of eugenicists in Nova Scotia Canada in 2018.

Wouldn't it be great if the 'healthcare' profession actually cared for people instead of bigpharma vaxx profits? 

Please See  website for more 

Rest in peace Dad... gone too soon.  1942-2018

Dedicating this blog to my Dad Terry and to all the others who have been prematurely 'killed off'!

 I do not solicit donations from anyone. I just ask others to share the message!

More at the website:  Common Law Court Healthcare for the New Age 

CLC Healthcare is a company registered with the Common Law Court (Registration Number CD/20/163867). This company operates under common law and provides products to assist with your well-being and to help promote good health. The products available on this site are natural and are sourced from international suppliers. As we oporate under common law these products have not been evaluated or approved by the United States, Food and Drug Administration or the UK, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

GcMAF Is The Body’s Own Internal Medicine. ALL Healthy People Have It.

There are 180 eminent scientists who have published GcMAF research papers on the US National Library of Medicine alone. All healthy people have natural GcMAF inside them – this helps to combat various diseases within the body, without side effects. The immune system doesn’t function without it. Without the GcMAF, we make inside us every day, we would all have died from diseases while still children. Serious illnesses, prevent production of your GcMAF, which also neutralises your immune system, so the disease can grow unchecked

Conspiracy Theorist New Brunswick vs. Occupy A Soros Movement in Fredericton New Brunswick

 Retrospective: Conspiracy Theorist New Brunswick vs. "Occupy, A Soros Movement"

"Occupy Imagination" 2012 by Android Jones, artist

"Occupy Movement"
 was just another dead-end...
a round-up of useful idiots 
by the usual suspects.. 
calling them out as the 
globalist commi tools 
was my absolute pleasure
in New Brunswick Canada...

Pay attention - a confiscated/classified 2005 book by Greg Hallett Flying the Planet 
was discussed back in 2012 in a podcast panel @
organized by Project Camelot's Kerry Cassidy 


Being good dogs for George Soros paid off with cash 
for these lousy commies &
 free speech muzzlers at Occupy Fredericton in New Brunswick Canada:

I was never compensated for the abuse and public unfounded attack on my character.

AS A MATTER OF RECORD on the fake grassroots movement "Occupy", George Soros, and finding out you are on the shitlist / blacklist in the small province of New Brunswick in 2012..

Occupy Fredericton website:

At least I was able to get them to include a link for author Joan Veon's website [a site which no longer exists] at their site.. a woman ahead of her time...
it still appears on their list of links.. amazingly...
Joan Veon passed away in 2010 -a great author..

"Occupy Freddy" thugs, shills, facilitators chased off another woman discussing UN Agenda 21.

"Love this life" blogger was highlighted [ authored by Sophia's Correction ] at their website as was "No More Fluoride Rinse" blogger @
at one point early on because of Andre Faust,
Fredericton activist now @
.. Andre Faust helpfully added these when requested but then someone later removed these links....  I was subsequently no longer able to access the Love This Life blog to update it after that point which I attributed to the "brouhaha" of haters and hackers and shills all located within the group's assigned handlers and facilitators... and yes my 2011 Love This Life blogger did INDEED highlight the work of Greg Hallett author of "Hitler was a British Agent" and "Gifting The United Nations to Stalin" and website as well as promoting many other books.. Hallett's a researcher/author from NZ.. he lives in the UK now having left NZ in September 2011 after surviving many attempts on his life there.  Greg Hallett was also the victim of a death hoax [promoted by Vinny Eastwood in NZ] in 2014 - just happened to be on June 14th which is Donald J. Trump's birthday - Greg has talked about a random meeting on the steps of the Parthenon in Athens Greece in the late 1980s with Donald J. Trump and two others.  Greg's three websites have all also been hacked/taken down/taken over since then.. [,,] and he's currently at Bitchute and Youtube and website.. 
and on Facebook page:
Greg Hallett is a censored and prolific author/ researcher.... with a total of 17 books to his name so far... Hallett has claimed Kingship:

Hallett claims at Common Law Court

Suppressed and attacked and censored and maligned authors interest me... including John Lamb Lash - see his youtube and websites

Heaven on earth or...... ?
What would you choose?

Imagine if these guys ever learned to listen to their elders and simply collaborate?  Listening is easy.
Centre:  Matt Burton 
from Occupy Moncton,
a polite & cordial, reasonable person...
although Matt did add me on Facebook 
to a private group with UN connections 
which I left immediately and de-friended him
because I do not join groups online. 
 I'm a blogger/publisher..
a researcher...
 I promote reading/education
and safe NB schools.. since 2011...
specifically fluoride rinse free, vaccine choice schools and in 2021 mask free schools... 

Unfortunate to advise 
my readers this year 
that upon requesting
politely by email only to Ada Phinney

that as school principal at Salem Elementary
in Sackville New Brunswick
she act to remove the face masks now
rather than reply to me she reported
me to the Moncton RCMP for harassment.
Ada made a choice to care or not to care 
about the children in her care, and 
the staff and teachers in her school...
in my opinion 
she has shown a lack of concern
and empathy
to me and all others in her school...
please see:


I would like to see her remove the 
masks and return my DVD,
The Great Global Warming Swindle
[which she has had since October 2019].

"Occupy Fredericton" as a group
were online free speech suppressers/haters....
Useful idiots for the globalists and 
their UN Agenda 21.. sustainable development
for global governance.

Breitbart documentary exposing the con...

Occupy Fredericton's self appointed chief/ringleader was Julian Renaud 

Julian, the dupe on Twitter:
Julian Renaud @Renaud Law

Welland Office, 152 Hellems Avenue, Welland, Ontario  L3B 3B4
Telephone: (905) 735-7582, Fax: (905) 735-0093
Business Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Julian Renaud works his magic 'practicing law' now in Ontario after his adventures/education at UNB.

Here's their public flogging/shitpost below...
no doubt a reaction to this illuminating January 1st blogger post showing the UK occupy antics and those who were busting up their fake narrative:
Re: Sarah Connor/Truthjuice New Brunswick/Sally Cunliffe(/Abusive Conspiracy Theorist Using Messianic Pseudonyms)
Given the group's current situation and her aggressive and abusive commentary on it, we finally reached the majority vote necessary to ban her. I will re-present the decision for review in one month. Admins: if she attempts to evade this ban, please ban her new profile immediately. Thank you.

  • Matt Burton Good move; banning her leaves the energy you would need to debate her "conspiracy theories" with logic for more important things such as physically occupying. Alex must be proud of the support you'll be able to give him in this new phase.
  • Matt Burton Rereading my comment I realize some of my sarcasm can go under the radar here. I unfortunately take a stand that if her comments had no logical significance then you could effectively ignore her and everyone would clearly understand why. I think it's hypocritical for a movement that moves against censorship to ban someone from exercising free speech on the site.

    Also, as someone who does believe in the negative effects of fluoride, chemtrails, and other even crazier theories I won't even mention, I would find it extremely regrettable to be banned on the Occupy Fredericton page for my differing views than those of admins. Granted that if the posts are inflammatory and derogatory I understand the need for civility; but I can also see things from her perspective which is one of cynicism after dealing with a certain level of ignorance within the general population.

    I mean not to cause tensions within Occupies, but I figure my opinion to carry a slight amount of weight given that I've occupied many days straight with the occupiers in solidarity at Fredericton and supplied the footage of the eviction.

    So go on, kids, fess up and keep it clean.
  • Julian Renaud Matt, you will never be banned for harboring any kind of theory that you may have. No one who posts in a civilized and constructive manner will ever be banned, regardless of ideology.

    I think we need to make our position here a little more clear. Trut
    hjuice/Sarah Conner/Sally Cunliffe/whatever other fake accounts was not banned for ideological reasons. She was banned for her repeatedly abusive comments towards various people on this page. I have received a lot of complaints about her. Some people complained that she was abusive, others complained that she spammed our wall so much that they just didn't want to read it anymore. We gave her several warnings, all of which she ignored. So, we were left with no choice to ban her, a decision which was not reached lightly.

    You'll notice that there are still plenty of anti-occupy people around here that we have not banned. They haven't been banned because they haven't been quite as abusive as "Sarah Conner." As long as they don't resort to argumentum ad hominem or threats, they can stay. The same applies to everyone. I hope this has clarified the matter.
  • Trevor Muxworthy WALL OF TEXT.
  • Occupy Fredericton He does that. You get used to it. 
    (Love you, Davey Baby Amos!)

Just why did 'Occupy FrederictonLOVE Amos?

Re: Sarah Connor/Truthjuice New Brunswick/Sally Cunliffe(/Abusive Conspiracy Theorist Using Messianic Pseudonyms)...
3:45 PM · Jan 3, 2012Facebook