Monday, August 2, 2021

Mae West on men.... & Greg Hallett on Governments... Its A Mafia Operation @ 100% Corruption


Weak men [and women] are REALLY of no interest to me at this point.

We are in a battle for our survival in the 'silent weapons for quiet wars' agenda... wake up.

Your governments are just a mafia operation...

politics is run on shame...


Greg Hallett with Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice Radio 19.2.2008 by Indie Media Eastcoast (

Know your enemy.

Lots of silly women and men wearing masks - which says a lot to me.... I won't support the stupidity of the weak minds nor give them a pass at this point... knock off your idiotic behaviour...
these people are the real hazard to public's health and safety -- they have been duly noted, called out and hereafter ignored... Have now given advisories to remove the face masks... fair warnings....

This is Shawn Mesheau:  he is now the elected Mayor of Sackville New Brunswick Canada.
Mesheau is on record heavily promoting face masks and unsafe, untested, unapproved but AUTHORIZED DUE TO A STATE OF EMERGENCY VAXX... that's a hell of mis-step.

Commentary found at website article:

"review" from Ministry of Acceptable Opinions' little Les:

this kind of commentary serves no one in truth..

Les Hicks says:

"I checked out the Indie Media East Coast Canada site – just what we need, another ultra right wing blog that spreads hate speech, lies and propaganda. Example : ridiculing people who care enough about their fellow citizens to wear masks during this pandemic."


Here's some truth for little Les:

The technocracy seeks out these useful idiots in our society for positions of authority over us.

More on the people orchestrating the Great Reset...

Lofts and Two-Story Dome Homes ~ USA

More at Website:

Safe Schools N.B.: Education is a lifelong pursuit...

Safe Schools N.B.: Education is a lifelong pursuit...:  

Safe Schools N.B.: We Parents Do Not Consent To Covid Jabs For Our Ch...

Safe Schools N.B.: We Parents Do Not Consent To Covid Jabs For Our Ch...:  

Sackville U.N.-censored: "Health Care Authority" Should Re-Brand To "Medica...

Sackville U.N.-censored: "Health Care Authority" Should Re-Brand To "Medica...:  

"Canada's Stonehenge" by Gordon Freeman

Canada's Stonehenge – Astounding Archaeological Discoveries in Canada, England and Wales ( 

Approximately @$80 for the hardcover on Amazon...

John Lamb Lash & Kathleen Dudley: New Age Religion Concerns. . . 2021 Interview a must-listen / share

John Lamb Lash @ "" re-releasing "Not In His Image" in 2021...

@Chelsea Green Publishers...

Tantramar Landowners ..: "Back To Eden Film", USA indie filmmakers --- >> v...

Tantramar Landowners ..: "Back To Eden Film", USA indie filmmakers --- >> v...: Indie film available to watch freely at the filmmaker's website or please order the DVD and support their work and share as I have done....



Saturday, July 31, 2021

White Goddess Supremacy | The Ultimate Threat ~ John Lamb Lash @

John Lamb Lash's latest video...
author of "Not In His Image" ... 

Beauties in New Brunswick ... "Bring Back Beauty" - John Lamb Lash


Fresh King.. New World


Painted Pony Patio Time - Downtown Bridge Street Sackville New Brunswick

 Just a few steps to the big, lovely waterfowl park...

enjoy small town hospitality and nature time too.

Support Local indie media eastcoast.... tell your friends...


Sackville U.N.-censored: Joseph Gregory Hallett knows who he is.... do you?...

Sackville U.N.-censored: Joseph Gregory Hallett knows who he is.... do you?...:   Joseph Gregory Hallett (  [ screen grab from ]  Episode 20: PART-1 Caroline Stephens chats with Greg Halle...

We Parents Do Not Consent to Covid Jabs For Our Children!


Thursday, July 29, 2021

Tantramar Landowners ..: Don't Piss Down My Leg And Tell Me Its Raining!

Tantramar Landowners ..: Don't Piss Down My Leg And Tell Me Its Raining!:

Joseph Gregory Hallett signs certification as undisputed Monarch of UK April 6, 2020 ~ Common Law Court

King John III, Joseph Gregory Hallett..... new age new King ~



mirrored video..
MP Derek Sloan news conference Parliament Hill: Raising serious concerns of censorship of doctors, scientists and alternative medical information related to vaccines. FULL STORY HERE: Dr. Bridle Dr Patrick Phillips Great Barrington Declaration
Independent MP Derek Sloan has been suspended from Twitter for 12 hours after sharing information that contravened Twitter’s COVID-19 policy. Sloan tweeted “The combination of vaccine injuries and the extremely low risk that COVID poses to the young have convinced ministers in the UK to do the right thing. Where is this common sense in Canada?” Sloan attached a link to a Reuters story



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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Rothschild's own everything : Joseph Gregory Hallett Statement

Maritime Videographic: Cathy Jones and friends in Halifax Nova Scotia @ The Citadel


photograph from Frank Magazine.

Cathy Jones incognito downtown Halifax @ the Citadel .. video from Maritime Videographic:

Maritime Videographic: Citadel Downtown Gathering in KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) Fabulously Fluoridated (

More on the gatherings for freedom and network @ 

Facebook @

Rt. Hon. Stephen "Get the Vaxx" Harper: Rejecting Wokeness, Addressing China, and Defending Western Values

From 2006 to 2015, the Right Honorable Stephen Harper served as the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada. His premiership confronted challenges ranging from a global recession to the war against ISIS, but his smart and courageous leadership increased Canadian prosperity and bolstered security. Small businesses surged, while tech hubs from Waterloo to Toronto to Ottawa cemented their place as global centers of talent and investment. In this episode, Harper offers lessons from his tenure as Prime Minister, from how global leaders should address the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic to the challenges of a new multipolar world. Looking ahead, Harper leaves us with clear warnings about the threats posed by China— including a potential invasion of Taiwan. But he notes there are also bright spots in the international landscape, such as the historic Abraham Accords, bringing with them the potential to transform the Middle East for the better. Harper established his legacy by championing the principles that have made the West exceptional. Together, we discuss the importance of defending Western principles and the responsibility of great leaders to fight for our shared values. Note: this episode was recorded before the recent rise in coronavirus cases due to the Delta variant. For permission to use any portion of this video, please contact us at

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Paul W. Kincaid - - SUSPENDED FROM TWITTER 2020 - ARCHIVES AT SITE - Wortman Tweets


Type "wortman" into search bar .. Suspended from Twitter why?
Website has backup tweets..

Nighttime Podcaster Jordan Bonapart - July 25 2021 - the RCMP husband exodus and Open Lines with Paul Palango

Jordan Bonapart the Nighttime Podcast show notes:

Paul Palango and I will take calls from the viewers and discuss the narrative changing developments in this story during a 2 hour call in special. Live calls will be answered during the recording, however advance questions and comments can be submitted by voicememo at Links: the Nova Scotia Rampage Series: Paul Palango’s Email: paulpalango@ Provide feedback and comments on the episode: Musical Theme: Noir Toyko by Monty Datta Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Email: Support the show:

Filthy rotten scoundrels....

 The minions and borg are in every little town and city from coast to coast ... across the globe .. its a 'big idea'... and... 'royal duties' never end... do they?

But... do they ever get tired of building the nannystate?  The grifter minion just won't say [but put on that mask, get the vaxx, and 'obey'...] @